New IP Australia fees

Trade mark fees are being overhauled in Australia.

New fees for Australian trade mark applications and renewals will come into effect on 10 October 2016, while new fees for WIPO import applications and renewals take effect on 28 October 2016.

The most significant change in trade marks is the removal of the registration fee. Australia is currently one of a few countries who charge both an application and registration fee. From 10 October 2016, there will just be an application fee. However, application fees and renewal fees are increasing to offset the lack of registration fee.

The new official online trade mark application fee after 10 October 2016 will be AU$330 per class.
The new official online trade mark renewal fee after 10 October 2016 will be AU$400 per class.

All applications filed prior to 10 October 2016 will still be subject to the existing registration fee.

Full details can be found on IP Australia’s website here.