Newsletter – April 2018

In this April Newsletter issue:

  • Zone looks forward to INTA
  • Anzac Day
  • Trade Marks and the Global Market


The International Trade Mark Association Conference will be held in Seattle, in May this year.  The Zone team are delighted to be attending this Annual Conference once again.  After the success of their reception in Barcelona, the team will be hosting another Cocktail Function at this year’s event and look forward to catching up with clients and associates from around the world.

Anzac Day

Zone IP will be closed for business on Wednesday 25 April for ANZAC Day. Our online platform will still be available.

The New Zealand Intellectual Property Office will also be closed on Wednesday 25 April.

Trade Marks and the Global Market

It is important to remember there is no current system that allows for the registration of a ‘world wide trade mark’.

This means that when you register a trade mark in a certain country, such as New Zealand, it is protected and enforceable in that country only.

However, there is a EU trade mark that covers all 28 EU countries and there is an African trade mark that covers 15 African nations.

If you wish to use your trade mark in other countries, for example by exporting goods or services bearing that mark, it is best to register your trade mark in those countries separately. Once registered, it means that you are entitled use your mark in those countries. If you fail to do so, you may be at risk of infringing trade marks of other traders in those countries.

Registering a trade mark in other countries is much easier and more cost effective than it used to be due to international systems such as the Madrid Protocol. Zone can help with international trade mark research and registration to protect your rights as strongly as possible. Call us today to find out more.